Thursday, 29 August 2013

The itch to blog


It’s been oddly quiet on this blog, even though my life has been so busy. I have been sewing, renovating, gardening, baking, travelling, learning and enjoying life in general. I miss blogging and I miss the focus that it gives to my life. I miss the motivation it gives me to make memories that I can post on here.

Long story short: I’m back and it will be an interesting time indeed. Five years in London are coming to an end in three days time when I will officially move all my belongings into my new room in Oxford. My PhD there will start at the beginning of October and until then I have a summer school in Astronomy and a two week trip to Japan planned. Life is currently amazing.


How have you all been?


  1. Very fine!

    My paper has been accepted last week.

  2. Good to hear from you and to read about your plans! Sounds good!
    My life is bussy.. too much deadlines in the university, sometimes i'm between crying and laughing.. But therefore my new job is so relaxed. Sewing gets a little time every week and knitting almost everyday.
    I have to write you an email if you have more time, because something is growing in my head.. about a phd, maybe in england..


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