Tuesday, 4 June 2013

This week


MADE – all the cake. In the world.

ENJOYED – walking barefoot. Finally!

THOUGHT – What is the point of having an amazing lawn if anything but sitting quietly on it will get you yelled at?

LAUGHED AT – the mister balancing a stuffed sheet on his nose.

WORRIED ABOUT – Moving out and finding a room in Oxford. I don’t want to :(

CARED FOR – The flowers in the garden. I’m loving the way my little garden is looking at the moment

SEARCHED FOR – My passport. It turned out to have fallen behind the bed.

GRIEVED FOR – My grandfather, who passed away after a long illness.


  1. Are these macarons?
    Would you share the recipe?
    Mine turned out fine... until I filled theme with Ganache. They broke and macerated... it was a sweet mess...

  2. I tried to follow this recipe as closely as possible: http://foodnouveau.com/2010/03/destinations/europe/france/how-to-make-macarons-a-detailed-illustrated-step-by-step-recipe/

    I also followed their suggestion to fill them with Lemon Curd. Ganache really should work as well though. Strange.


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