Friday, 31 July 2015

Over at one of my favourite blogs, assortment, Carmella runs a weekly series called "Do what you can with what you have" and it's all about contentment and resourcefulness. Here is my addition to the series.

As I shake the seed heads upside down, I watch the moments roll out. That one, where the earth is lovingly smoothed and the tiny seeds are carefully scattered, mixed with the soil and with hope. That smile, when I take my cup of tea out in the garden on a chilly spring morning, and the first little plants poke through the earth. That lovely day when one lonely bloom, more eager than all the others, unrolls its delicate petals to the world. That afternoon when I pick an abundance of orange and yellow and reds, to be put in a vase and enjoyed inside. 

For now they sleep, wrapped securely in a leftover piece of baking paper, too small for the cake, and some tape from a crafting project long gone. Tucked into the old tin in the shed, the moments will wait. But then, oh then, when the sun gains strength and the earth dries out, when everything is still brown but the hopes are there, then we will sow again. And one by one, the story will unfold. 


  1. Schön dass Du wieder bloggst. Ich mag Deine Fotos und noch mehr Deine Gedanken dazu.


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