Monday, 14 February 2011

7 things

 flowers - I bought and planted those lovelies.It almost makes me feel like spring is here already.

colour - time to repaint my toe nails! Especially since we found some bright new colours at the Petticoat Lane market.

tin - look what I got for my birthday from my little sister. It now houses my collection of ribbons and it fits perfectly into my room.

most awesome cake ever - we treated ourself to the most amazing looking cake in this really sweet café near the flower market. Vanilla sponge with raspberry jam, white chocolate icing and fresh raspberries. How much more heavenly does it get?

button love - We had lots of fun playing with my button collection.

new cusine - I was brave and had some ethopian food for lunch. It was really nice! Definitely going to do that again.

laundry - sunday seems to be our laundry day


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