Monday, 28 February 2011

This week...

... I want to read more. My reading pile is growing and growing. Time to fight back!

Smiling more last week was a bit of a challenge. Some days it was easy, some days it was much more difficult but I suddenly did find many small things worth a smile and made a point of giving it every time.

(This is actually just a part of my current "To be read pile")

Every monday, I'll set myself an aim of what to do more or less of this week. Would you like to join me? I'd love to hear what your aim is for the week. Just leave a comment.


  1. my aim is to speak more italian this week =)
    let's see how it works out =)

  2. i wrote my aims on my white board to keep an eye on it. unfortunatly i miss some. for this week.. reading some papers for my bachelor thesis and knitting my scarf.
    (i found my swap-book from 2007, you managed these on nus-forum, do you remember? :) )

  3. The Volume 1 of the Feynman lectures is great :-). And I would find The "Very short introduction" Series really worth a read, if my own reading pile would not be already so large.


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