Tuesday, 9 August 2011

7 things

I know it's already monday but I just did not get round to it yesterday. The Mister was blocking the computer. Now I mananged to fight it off him and can present you with what kept me busy yesterday. You can tell it was lazy day by the fact that it mostly involves food.

I made myself a sweet treat after I got up...

...and later shared a more elaborate breakfast with the Mister.

I supplemented our somewhat sparse flowers with some new additions while the Mister spent some time cutting down bushes. We have gardening sorted out: I plant, he cuts.

Afterwards, I made my first attempt at gutting a fish. I doubt this will ever become my favourite exercise.

Eating said fish is much higher up the list of things I'd like to do again.

I expanded the jungle on our window sill...

... and packed myself some lunch from the leftovers and some extras.


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