Saturday, 5 November 2011


Filofax Facelift

For my birthday last year I got a filofax. As it was a present that I really wished for, I initially got very excited and used it all the time. After a few months I realised it wasn't quite working for me and put it aside (Sorry, Mama). A shame really, as it is such a useful thing to have and I am great at forgetting birthdays/dentist appointments/craft markets/to brush my hair. So, a while ago I dug it back out, dusted it off and gave it a facelift as I figured I'd be much more ready to use it when it looks pretty. We have been inseparable again ever since.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. The boring first page is now replaced with some pretty paper, an old photograph of Nuremberg, a swan's feather I collected in Hyde Park and a paper heart I have had for ages. I'm planning on updating it as the seasons go on and I find more little (flat) treasures.

I found this adorable postcard set in a charity shop ( for 50 p! Some people give away the best things) and decided they'd make great dividers.If you look carefully, you can also see the mystery paper project revealed: the actual paper bits sticking out between the pages.I just couldn't decide on one so I used them all.
 Since I have been using it again, I have got rid of the tiny notebooks I used to carry and instead written everything directly into the filofax. The problem is that the paper inlays don't quite match my needs. Who on earth decided one needs less space for saturday and sunday? I need more! Inspired by Kyla here, I thought I will give making my own pages a shot. It can't be that hard and the shop bought ones run out soon anyway. However, that is a project for another day.


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