Saturday, 11 February 2012

I have been crafting quietly but since I'm working on quite a few things at a time, nothing gets finished. To make things, worse, I have started a new project, to go along with the other ones. For Christmas, the Mister gave me a voucher to pick fabric for a new dress. Not just any dress thought, it was meant to be a dress for special occasions (after my infinity dress, which I wore on special nights before, suffered a little white paint incident. Don't ask). While searching for inspiration on the internet, I fell in love with this dress on ModCloth but, as you can see, it's sold out. No problem, the voucher was for fabric, not a dress, anyway. So I am going to make my own version of this.

A trip to my favorite fabric shopping corner of London returned the perfect materials for it: a lovely thin black cotton, black lace with dots on it and a loooooong zip.

The deadline is the 16.2. because that night, the Mister and I are going to the Opera and I otherwise don't have anything to wear for this occasion. So, the challenge is on! Less than one week to get this lovely finished. I know what I will be doing the next few evenings...


  1. I´m looking forward to see your version of the dress <3

  2. Ahh wirklich ein sehr schönes Kleid. Ich halt die Daumen, dass du es schaffst!


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