Sunday, 4 March 2012


The lunch project

So, after last nights somewhat emotional post, back to more practical matters: My attempt to save some money on my lunches.

I meticulously wrote down what I used and what I actually ate.Over the course of a week, I had (for lunch and snacks only! Otherwise, I would have a problem):

3 boxes of pasta with bolognese
2 pita with homemade burgers, lettuce and tomato
2 pita with tomato and boiled egg
1 box of lettuce and tomatoes
3 cupcakes
8 flapjacks (small ones...)
2 peaches
2 bananas
1.5 l Coca Cola
1 can relentless ( an energy drink)

For all that, I bought:
800 g mince meat
2 onions
1 garlic
1 tin tomatoes
1 tin tomatoe purree
500 g pasta
2 bananas
2 peaches
1 pack Pita
1 pack lettuce
2 l coke
6 eggs
3 tomatoes
1 kg sugar
1 kg flour
1 kg oats
1 tub golden sirup
500 g margarine
total: 15.04 £

Remember I originally calculated that eating in university every day would cost me 29.50 £? That means I only spent half of what I would have spent in uni! I expected it to be less, but not that much less.  This is especially amazing as some things are actually left over, such as flour and sugar for example.

In general it worked fine. Some days I even took too much food and I didn't get very bored of it either, except of the cupcakes. Note to self: Cupcake massively improve if they have icing. I did however feel that it was a little heavy on the minced meat. The main reason for that was that I got 800 g really cheap because it was a Sunday afternoon and the last day they were allowed to sell it.

Still, next week will be veggie. I have decided on a selection of stir-fry's. They are healthy, cheap, quick to make and taste good cold. I have already stocked up on soy sauce, lemons and green curry as well as defrosted some tofu so I am ready. It will be good.


  1. These look really healthy and yummy :) We've started meal planning a little more too, definitely helps save some cash!

  2. You are that organized!! I'm really impressed. Enjoy :-)

  3. Honestly such a great idea for a post...sometimes I just need ideas for meals rather than recipes!

  4. I'm really looking forward to the stir-frys!

  5. Thanks everybody, seems like I will keep reporting my lunches ;)


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