Saturday, 3 March 2012

Posts that might have been

I feel like there are all these words in my head that I can't get out. It sounds so clear when I think it but as soon as I try to write it down, the sentences jumble and become clumsy. I wanted to tell you about the guys I saw on the tube, the ones that felt like a little bit of far away which was accidentally left on a London tube carriage. I wanted to write about how me and my studies grew together over time, about the time to be interesting, about blogs and posts and expectations.

I'm not good with words. How does one translate thoughts to the outside? I have never really tried to write creatively. Most of my writing are soppy journal entries, school essays or labreports. None of this will do here. Do you have a trick when you try to write something and it just won't come out?



  1. Kann es sein, daß Du Dich durch zu perfektionistische Ansprüche an Deine Texte selbst blockierst? Dann wäre die Methode, einfach mal drauf los zu schreiben und auch mit etwas, das nicht ganz so toll ist, zufrieden zu sein.

  2. Vermutlich hast du recht. Ich glaube der zweite wichtige Punkt ist, dass ich es nicht nachts um halb zwei versuchen sollte.

  3. I get my notebook out and write there instead and somehow it's easier than typing it out on my laptop :)


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