Thursday, 20 September 2012

The journey continues


From Antwerp we set out further north, crossing from Belgium into the Netherlands. I had never been to Amsterdam before so I was really looking forward to it and the city did not disappoint. We spent two wonderful days wandering along the canals, looking around curious shops and drinking more hot chocolate and white wine than is probably good for me.


Finding a place to stay turned out to be a little difficult. With a last minute effort in the morning, we found somebody on couchsurfing willing to put us up for the night but unfortunately he already had other visitors for the second night. Instead, we called a friend of the Mister who lives about two hours away from Amsterdam. He came up to meet us and after an entertaining evening involving more spare ribs than I have ever eaten before we left Amsterdam for Enschede.


On the way to his house we actually had a little adventure as the customs police decided we looked suspicious and thoroughly checked us for illegal drugs. We were entirely innocent but the little interruption cost us almost half an hour an covered the entire car in wet paw prints thanks to the sniffer dog and the rain. We did eventually make it to Enschede where we only spent one night before travelling on to Hamburg yesterday to meet another old friend, this time one of mine. Today we are setting out for the last part of our journey, Berlin. I am really looking forward to it. I love Berlin.



  1. Oh wow, it looks like you're having a wonderful time! Enjoy Berlin - I've only been there once but I really truly loved it!

  2. I once visited Amsterdam and loved it so much. Your photos have just reminded me of how wonderful the city is!

  3. I have never been to Amsterdam but after your post I really want to go! The Count and I visited Berlin last year and loved it, especially the 7 Gardens of the World park!

  4. Mal wieder extrem tolle Reisbilder. Ich habe deinen Blog für den So Sweet Award nominiert:


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